Nik Oakman has started his music career back in 1989-1992 with Er.J.Orchestra as a drummer and percussionist. He had already a demo tape with a couple of songs of his own material by the time, and the idea of his own band was constantly on.

2001-2003 Nik rejoins Er.J.Orchestra, but now as a writer, co-writer, vocalist, co-producer and drummer. They release their famous ON THE HILL AGAIN CD+DVD Special Edition album (highly recommended!!!) where Niks track On The Hill Again becomes an albums title.

Thereafter Nik Oakman writes a lot of a new material for Er.J.Orchestra but the band members do not want to evolve into new forms and prefer holding back to the past. Nik leaves Er.J.Orchestra for the second time, but this time to form his own band called OAKMAN.

Practically, the band has launched 19 November 2006 as a supporting act for Manfred Manns Earth Band in Kievs Palace of Sports (Ukraine). OAKMAN performed the whole set and audience went absolutely ballistic, in a good sense though.

Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Folk, Jazz, World...


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